EU-South Asia Start-up Help Desk

EU-South Asia Start-up Help Desk and hands on support

The objective of the EU- South Asia Start-up Helpdesk is to help start-ups from EU and Sri Lanka/South Asia access the SL/South Asia and European markets respectively. We will connect start-ups from EU and South Asia and provide continuous and consistent support to the start-ups for internationalization. The Help Desk aims to become a one stop center for all your queries in the context of expanding your start-up to Europe or South Asia. Our experts will guide you with the valuable information and relevant networking opportunities. We aim to make your dream to scale-up and access new markets a reality with the our support.

For queries related to helpdesk kindly contact

Why connect with the EU-South Asia Start up Help Desk:

Competitive Call for SL and EU start-ups for free hands on market access services

5 start-ups from Sri Lankan and / or EU will receive hands on support to enter the European and Sri Lankan markets respectively.

To apply please go to the Global Technology Interface(GTI) platform and on the Innovation Call page go to: "EU- Sri-Lanka Innovation Partnership" call.

The EU-South Asia Startup Help Desk

The helpdesk team has prepared fliers on Why India (PDF 3.2MB), Why Sri Lanka (PDF 2.8MB) and Why Europe (PDF 3.5MB) for a quick glance on why Indian, Sri Lankan and European start-ups should consider Sri Lanka/South Asia and Europe as a market and co-creation destination.

Interested startups can contact Joshua from the Indian Help Desk, Fayaz from the Sri Lankan Helpdesk and Chris from the EU Helpdesk.

Growrite/Eurosubstrates Corporate Innovation Call - Inviting Startups from India, Sri Lanka and Europe to apply for this business opportunity in Sri Lanka

We have launched an open innovation call by Growrite Substrates (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka, they are a European corporate based in Sri Lanka, they are seeking to collaborate with innovative technology companies from Europe, Sri Lanka and India who can provide innovative solutions in the areas of Precision Agriculture, Data Analytics in Agriculture, Farm Services and Fintech in Agriculture and in return will be supporting the shortlisted partners to build capacity within the Sri Lankan market through this initiative. Startups and SMEs from India, Sri Lanka and Europe interested to collaborate with Growrite Substrates (Pvt) Ltd can get additional formation and apply for the call here.

Innovation call by Deutsch Telekom for Energy companies

As part of the Interreg SCALE UP Programme, Cambridge Cleantech invites energy sector companies to apply for one-to-one meetings with leading telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom. Deutsche Telekom is looking for credible, scalable, and innovative companies that represent radical models and innovative best practice in the energy sector to face DT’s significant increase in its energy demand with the move to 5G. Contact Camila for more information.

Commonland Innovation call

We would like to share an exciting opportunity for startups and companies to collaborate and deploy their technologies for the Central Highlands Restoration Project (CHiRP), which is being facilitated by Commonland, The Nature Conservancy (TNC), Samerth Charitable Trust, and GBI. The IKEA Foundation supports CHiRP and we are seeking to attract innovative technologies to enhance the productivity and livelihoods of the local stakeholders, resulting in socio-economic development and ecosystem restoration. The ultimate aim of the call is to identify a competitive pool of global organizations that offer disruptive solutions focused on improving the yields and adding value to the Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs), local agriculture, food processing, and market linkages, and supply chain traceability of local produce. The Total estimated trade value of NTFPs in Chhattisgarh is close to USD $275 million. Other key areas for technology interventions in this region include access to distributed energy, environmental technologies in remote areas (for clean cooking, water, sanitation, waste management), and communication technologies to improve connectivity.

Key Information

Who can apply?

Must be a registered start-up from any sector or industry, with:

  • Traction in the primary market
  • Value proposition for EU/South Asia Market

How much does it cost?

The program is supported by the European Union. We do not charge for the helpdesk queries.

How can I apply?

Please apply for the program here - To avail this opportunity start-ups will need to register and apply on the Global Technology Interface (GTI).

You will receive an email confirmation for registration.

Benefits for start-ups in both regions include:

  • Latest updates from startup world - information on the breakthroughs and innovation developments in both regions.
  • Explore opportunities for co-creation of products and solutions that have socio-economic impact for both regions.
  • Access to quality partnerships, exchange on competencies, mentors, best practices, business development, operation models, exchange of services, information, methodologies, mentors, speakers, government, university links.
  • Internationalize faster by scaling across both regions.
  • Foster cross-border cultural exchange, allowing start-ups to understand and operate across both regions.
  • Receive support with localization of their products and services.
  • Access to talent and skilled workforce across both regions, allowing complementary resources to be pooled.

Register on the Global Technology Interface (GTI) to receive regular updates on cross border opportunities for startups. You are getting active by registering as a “Technology Displayer”. Once you register, a Helpdesk team member will contact you.

Registration is open to all stakeholders from the startup ecosystems across EU and South Asia

You can also send an email to or call/ WhatsApp the Helpdesk coordinator Joshua Samuel at +917598706604 to make an enquiry.


Favorable Market conditions

Largest consumer base for emerging technologies

Openness for European technologies

Lower market deployment costs


Gateway to global market

Funding opportunities

Access to Standardized technology

Access to multiple markets through EU

Toolbox to assist in internationalization of business from idea to market

More details to be announced soon